#1 Boracay, Philippines

Month: August 2016

Boracay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. The best time to visit is supposedly between November and May when it is drier. Unfortunately, I find myself in the Philippines in August during rainy season. Now who’s going to let a little rain keep them away from one of the finest beaches on earth?


So, we made our way to Terminal 4 in Manila to find our flight delayed due to rain at Boracay then subsequently due to the rain in Manila. Well hopefully the plane departs soon cause there is virtually nothing to do at Terminal 4. In the end, the flight was delayed by 5 hours and by the time we were asked to board, the shops in the terminal were all closed. It’s an hour’s flight to Kalibo, then another hour bus ride to the ferry terminal. The boat ride is only 10 minutes but it felt like 10 minutes of terror as the waves are huge and it felt like it could engulf the tiny boat any time. By the time we checked in at our hotel in Station 1 it was past midnight.


First thing after I got dressed was to walk to the beach and lo and behold, waves were crashing into shore.

So, this is the famous White Beach? Erm… where’s the beach?

After lunch around 2.30pm the beach looked much better. Now I can see it’s beauty.

The beautiful sandy White Beach. If only it were like this the entire time we were there. Nice and calm with soft lapping waves…

There are a lot of individuals offering island hopping tours along the beach. We rent a boat for about PHP 2,700 to go island hopping at the other side of Boracay where the waves are supposedly calmer. The waves were definitely calmer on the other side of the beach where all the water activities were happening but the beach is not the greatest.

1st stop, Magic Island for the cliff jumping. Not that brave myself so I only make it for the first 2 heights. Kinda scary but kinda exhilarating. There is a life guard at the bottom in case something were to happen.

Cliff jumping at Magic Island

2nd stop, snorkelling near Crocodile island. Was in the water for about 15 mins before we were called by our guide to get out of the water and that’s when I realised it had started to rain. The waves are definitely stronger and much strength was required to reach the boat. I had this feeling that I could have been lost at sea if I didn’t hang around the boat while snorkelling. It starts raining heavily and the boat speeds back to where we departed. The rain hit us like sharp needles. Painful.

Did an hour of body massage and called it a night.


Walked to the shopping area at Station 2. I was told to try the calamansi muffin at Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. I chose to walk the beach side as it would be faster but the waves made certain parts difficult to walk.

Luckily I started early enough as I reach the shopping area minutes before the entire beach area was flooded with water. The calamansi muffin was really tasty. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the picture so I won’t be able to share it with you’ll.

Had lunch and left for the Caticlan airport, which is much nearer to Boracay than the Kalibo airport but probably more expensive. You still need to take the ferry to the island but it’s just a short 5 to 10 minute ride to the airport instead of a 1 hour bus ride.


Boracay would definitely be much more beautiful in the right season. I was lucky to have seen a glimpse of it. Although a weekend was a bit short, it was enough for me during this season to explore Boracay.

The Weekender



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